Mission Soil Manifesto: Building a Healthy Future for Our Soils

The Mission Soil Manifesto, launched with help from SOILL partner ERRIN, unites regions, citizens, and organisations to protect soil health. This EU-backed initiative is a crucial step towards achieving healthy soils by 2030.
Published on 28 February 2024

SOILL Project Presented at Soil O-live Annual Meeting at the University of the Aegean

The SOILL project presented by Giulia Campodonico at the Soil O-live Annual Meeting, at the University of the Aegean on January 25th, 2024.
Published on 29 January 2024

SOILL-Startup kicks off: Another step towards healthy soils in Europe

The SOILL-Startup project has started its 24-month journey on January 2024.
Published on 16 January 2024