Matchmaking opportunities

NATI00NS Matchmaking Platform

Collaboration is key to achieving our shared goal of healthy soil. That's why at SOILL is fostering a vibrant community where stakeholders can connect and work together.

Team Up with extent soil expert and community

While we will be making available a dedicated SOILL hub which will continue the legacy of NATI00NS, we are thrilled to offer an excellent resource in the meantime.

NATI00NS b2match

The Nati00ns b2match platform empowers you to:

  • Connect with international stakeholders: Find potential partners from various sectors, including public sector, science, private companies, and citizen groups, all interested in soil health.
  • Schedule online meetings: Streamline collaboration and discuss ideas for creating urban, agro, post-industrial, or forestry Living Labs and Lighthouses.
  • Find consortium partners: Partner up to apply for grants under the Mission Soil calls, focusing on co-creating solutions for soil health and carbon farming practices.

The Nati00ns b2match platform is open to anyone based in the EU and associated countries, including:

  • Public sector representatives
  • Scientists and researchers
  • Businesses and private companies
  • Citizen associations

We invite you to create your free account on the NATI00NS b2match platform and start connecting with potential partners. Together, we can create a network of thriving Soil Health Living Labs and Lighthouses, paving the way for a future with healthy soil for all.

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