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Soil Mission

The European Union Mission “A Soil Deal for Europe” aims to pioneer, showcase, and accelerate the transition to healthy soils by 2030, supporting the long-term commitments at European and global level within the EU Green Deal and Sustainable Development Goals. To do so, the Mission calls for the creation of 100 Soil Health Living Labs and Lighthouses by 2030, as outlined in the Mission Implementation Plan.

Why soil?

Unfortunately, estimates suggest that 60-70% of European soils are unhealthy. This decline is driven by factors like erosion, pollution, and unsustainable agricultural practices. Because soil formation is a slow process, taking hundreds of years to create just one centimeter, protecting and restoring existing soil is critical.

Mission Soil tackles this challenge through a multi-pronged approach:

  • Living Labs and Lighthouses: A network of 100 Living Labs and Lighthouses will be established across Europe. These real-world hubs will serve as testing grounds for innovative solutions to soil challenges. Living Labs involve partnerships between researchers, farmers, and other stakeholders, fostering collaboration and knowledge co-creation. Lighthouses, on the other hand, showcase successful practices for soil health, acting as inspirational models for others.
  • Research and Innovation: A comprehensive research and innovation program will be implemented, addressing the social, economic, and environmental aspects of soil health.
  • Soil Monitoring: A harmonized framework for soil monitoring will be established, allowing for better tracking of soil health and progress towards the Mission's goals.
  • Raising Awareness: Efforts will be made to educate the public and stakeholders about the importance of soil health and encourage participation in soil conservation efforts.

8 Key Objectives for Healthy Soils

The Mission focuses on eight specific goals to improve soil health:

  1. Reduce desertification.
  2. Conserve soil organic carbon stocks.
  3. Stop soil sealing and increase re-use of urban soils.
  4. Reduce soil pollution and enhance restoration.
  5. Prevent erosion.
  6. Improve soil structure to enhance soil biodiversity.
  7. Reduce the EU global footprint on soils.
  8. Improve soil literacy in society.

Get engaged

Mission Soil is a call to action for all Europeans. Healthy soil is the foundation of our well-being. It feeds us, filters our water, regulates the climate, and supports a vibrant natural world. From farmers nurturing their land to researchers developing innovative solutions, from citizens demanding action to policymakers shaping sustainable practices, we all have a role to play. By working together, we can ensure a healthy future for our soils and our planet.

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