Cross-Border Collaboration in EIP-AGRI Opens Doors for Breakthroughs

The EU CAP Network recently released a brochure highlighting the importance of collaboration in agricultural innovation, and SOILL is pleased to be featured for its contributions in this area.

The EU CAP Network serves as a central forum for knowledge and information sharing within the agricultural and rural policy sectors. It fosters collaboration between National CAP Networks, organisations, administrations, researchers, entrepreneurs, and practitioners. Established by the European Commission, the Network aligns with EU regulations to support the development and implementation of CAP strategic plans (CSPs). This includes fostering innovation and knowledge exchange through initiatives like EIP-AGRI, as well as evaluation and monitoring of the CAP itself.

SOILL Recognised for Collaboration in EU CAP Network Brochure on Agricultural Innovation

The EU CAP Network brochure emphasises the value of collaboration within the EIP-AGRI Operational Groups program. This program brings together a diverse range of stakeholders, including farmers, foresters, researchers, advisors, and innovators, to tackle real-world challenges in agriculture. By working together, these groups can develop practical, effective, and widely applicable solutions.

Collaboration also fosters strong networks between Operational Groups. This network serves a dual purpose. It provides valuable support during project development by offering a sounding board and access to shared resources. At the same time, this network allows for broader dissemination of solutions. By sharing knowledge and best practices with a wider audience, the impact of innovations can be significantly amplified.

The beauty of collaboration lies in its flexibility. Groups can connect in various ways, from simple online interactions and information sharing through databases to attending in-person events like conferences or field visits. This allows everyone to participate and contribute, regardless of location or available resources.

Connecting on Many Levels

The CAP for 2023-2027 offers a further incentive for collaboration. Funding opportunities specifically designed for cross-border and transnational Operational Groups open doors for even more ambitious and impactful innovation projects. These projects can leverage the diverse experiences and expertise found across different regions and countries.

Finally, collaboration extends beyond individual groups. Working with established EU-wide networks, such as Horizon multi-actor projects, allows Operational Groups to tap into a wealth of additional resources and expertise. This synergy fosters a more robust and comprehensive approach to agricultural innovation, ultimately accelerating progress in the field.

SOILL is a strong advocate for collaboration as a key driver of progress in soil protection and agriculture. We are committed to working with other innovators to develop solutions that address the critical challenges facing the industry today. Being featured in the EU CAP Network brochure is a recognition of our dedication to this collaborative approach. We look forward to continuing our work with others to build healthy soil, and a more sustainable and productive future for agriculture.


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Collaboration Blossoms in EIP-AGRI Operational Groups