About Us

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SOILL-Startup (Startup of the SOILL support structure for SOIL Living Labs) is a EU-funded initiative supporting the ambitious mission of achieving healthy soils by 2030. 


We contribute to the broader goals of the EU Mission: A Soil Deal for Europe (Mission Soil), EU Green Deal and Sustainable Development Goals by:

  • Fostering a network: We're supporting the network of 100 Soil Health Living Labs and Lighthouses across Europe. These hubs will serve as real-world examples, showcasing innovative approaches and accelerating the transition towards healthy soils.
  • Providing dedicated support: We go beyond just creating the network. SOILL-Startup offers the Living Labs and Lighthouses a comprehensive framework of support, including capacity building, knowledge exchange, promotion, and regular monitoring. This ensures they have the tools and resources to thrive.
  • Facilitating collaboration: SOILL-Startup acts as a facilitator, fostering collaboration between the Living Labs/Lighthouses, key stakeholders, and various projects contributing to the 2030 goal.


SOILL-Startup: Leading the way

SOILL-Startup is the first project under the SOILL Framework Agreement umbrella. This initiative focuses on collaborating with the initial wave of established Living Labs and Lighthouses, as well as with the stakeholders.

SOILL-Startup aims to establish a one-stop-shop for resources and information, making it easier to expand and scale up these vital hubs.


A Strong Partnership

SOILL-Startup is led by the European Network of Living Labs (ENoLL) and boasts a powerful partnership of 28 organisations from 14 European countries. This combined expertise is crucial for achieving the ambitious goals of the project.