GOV4ALL Project Launches to Empower Farmers and Regenerate Soil Health

The GOV4ALL project was officially launched on 5th June 2024 in Cartagena, Spain. This exciting new initiative, funded by the EU within the Soil Mission, perfectly complements the goals of SOILL and we couldn't be more excited about the potential for collaboration.

GOV4ALL: Putting Farmers at the Heart of Soil Regeneration

GOV4ALL focuses on establishing five agro-innovation hubs throughout the Mediterranean region, with two hubs each in Greece and Spain, and one in France. These living labs will foster a participatory approach that places farmers squarely at the center of efforts to improve soil health.

Similar to SOILL's mission, GOV4ALL recognises that soil health is a complex issue requiring a multi-faceted approach. In particular, GOV4ALL stresses the crucial role farmers play in sustainable soil management. By working collaboratively with farmers, the project aims to co-create and implement regenerative soil practices that are not only effective but also economically viable and practical to implement.

Shared Awareness, Collective Action

The project emphasises the importance of shared awareness among all stakeholders – farmers, researchers, policymakers, and citizens alike. By fostering a collective understanding of the social and ecological dimensions of soil management, the GOV4ALL project aims to drive impactful collective action for a healthier future.

Our ambition is to put farmers at the centre of the innovation process tapping into their vast knowledge to generate sustainable solutions that are beneficial for people and the planet” Tristano Bacchetti De Gregoris GOV4ALL's coordinator said. 

GOV4ALL's Ambitious Goals

The GOV4ALL project has set several ambitious goals: through open dialogue, the project will identify the specific challenges and opportunities faced by farmers in five key Mediterranean regions. A network of five agro-innovation hubs will be established, supported by robust business models to ensure long-term sustainability. The project will establish standardised baselines for measuring soil health across the target regions. Farmers and other stakeholders will work together to develop and test practical, scalable solutions for improving soil health. Effective communication and dissemination strategies will be developed to share the project's findings and best practices throughout Europe.

Stronger together

We at SOILL believe that collaboration is key to achieving the ambitious goals of the Soil Mission. We're excited by the GOV4ALL project's focus on farmer-centric innovation and its commitment to building sustainable solutions. We're eager to explore potential areas of collaboration and believe that by working together, we can make a significant impact on soil health in Europe and beyond. We wish the GOV4ALL consortium all the best in their endeavours!

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