NATI00NS: The Second Round of National Engagement Events for a Healthy Europe

Following the impressive first round in 2023, the NATI00NS project is gearing up for its second round of National Engagement Events kicking off this April.

Building on Success

Last year saw a phenomenal response, with the first NATI00NS National Engagement Event held in Spain paving the way for a series of successful gatherings across 43 EU Member States and Associated Countries. These informative sessions attracted over 2400 participants, effectively raising awareness about the EU Soil Mission and its crucial open calls. The valuable feedback received has been instrumental in shaping future initiatives, leading to impactful webinars, a thriving matchmaking platform, and online thematic events. This exchange of knowledge has not only strengthened the soil health community but also fostered essential collaborations.

The second round promises to build on this momentum. The National Engagement Events remain dedicated to tackling soil health challenges and resilience strategies across Europe, offering participants not only informative sessions but also valuable follow-up support. This includes inclusion in soil health challenge discussions and technical dialogues specifically designed to guide Living Lab proposal development aligned with the Mission's criteria.

National Engagement Events: Empowering Local Action

The National Engagement Events are a series of informative gatherings organised by the NATI00NS project in collaboration with local stakeholders. Conducted in local languages, these events serve as a crucial platform to address soil health challenges and resilience strategies specific to each participating country. Their primary goal is to empower stakeholders with the knowledge and resources necessary to actively participate in the EU Soil Mission. This includes not only raising awareness about the Mission's goals and open calls but also providing participants with opportunities to engage in discussions, workshops, and technical dialogues. The focus on local languages ensures maximum accessibility and fosters a truly inclusive environment for knowledge exchange and collaboration.

Funding Opportunities Through Horizon Europe

Looking for funding opportunities that address the critical issues facing our planet? From 25th to 26th April, online info days will delve into the new calls for proposals within the Missions' part of Horizon Europe's 2024 main Work Programme. A dedicated session focusing on "A Soil Deal for Europe" Mission's calls will take place on Thursday, 25th April, from 1:00 PM to 3:00 PM CET. Don't miss this opportunity to learn more about how you can contribute to achieving the EU Missions' goals in health, climate, and the environment! Read more here.

SOILL: The Legacy Continues

The NATI00NS project concludes in October 2024, but its legacy of promoting healthy soil will continue through the efforts of SOILL. Building on the NATI00NS's foundation, SOILL will champion a range of activities:

  • Annual Engagement Events: Yearly gatherings designed specifically for the Living Labs and Lighthouses network members are planned, potentially held alongside the European Mission Soil Week.
  • Thematic Engagement Events: Addressing ever-evolving needs, SOILL will organise events focused on specific themes identified through ongoing assessments. These gatherings will target actors and areas relevant to upcoming funding calls, fostering collaboration and consortium creation.
  • Macro-Regional/National Events: The events will address challenges gleaned from NATI00NS, applicant needs and the outcomes of the 2023-2024 funding call evaluations.

Stay informed! Subscribe to the SOILL newsletter and visit their events section for the latest information.


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