Mission Soil Manifesto: Building a Healthy Future for Our Soils

The SOILL project is on a mission to achieve healthy soils by 2030. A key part of this effort is the Mission Soil Manifesto, which SOILL partner ERRIN (European Regions Research and Innovation Network) played a crucial role in launching.

What is the Mission Soil Manifesto?

Launched in April 2023 by the European Commission's DG AGRI department in collaboration with ERRIN's Bioeconomy Working Group, the Manifesto is a call to action for everyone committed to soil health. It aims to unite policymakers, citizens, and organisations into a thriving community dedicated to protecting and restoring our vital soils.

Everyone can be involved

The signing of manifesto is a voluntary action that demonstrates commitment to soil health. Signatories gain access to resources and opportunities to learn more and take action. Anyone can sign, from individuals to organisations.

SOILL Project and ERRIN's Role

The SOILL project actively supports the Mission Soil Manifesto. ERRIN, a SOILL partner, has been heavily involved since 2021. They've facilitated information sessions, dialogues with the Mission Secretariat, and co-created an input document for the Horizon 2014-2027 consultation process. In April 2023, ERRIN became the first signatory to the Manifesto, further solidifying their commitment.

Together, SOILL, ERRIN, and the signatories of the Mission Soil Manifesto are building a future where healthy soils are the foundation for a sustainable world. Let's join forces and ensure no soil is left behind!

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Mission Soil Manifesto