Co-Create the Future of Mission Soil

The European Commission is calling on the soil community to co-design the 2025 work programme for Mission Soil. It is an opportunity to directly influence the initiatives that will safeguard the health of our planet's most vital resource – soil.

Healthy soil underpins a thriving ecosystem, impacting everything from food security to biodiversity. By participating in this feedback opportunity, the SOILL Community can actively contribute to shaping a more sustainable future.

Join the Co-Creation Effort

The European Commission has provided orientation document outlining the expected impacts and outcomes of the actions planned for Mission Soil in 2025. Reviewing these documents will equip the SOILL Community with the necessary information to provide valuable insights.

A dedicated survey is also available to gather feedback on the proposed initiatives. The feedback window closes on May 6th, 2024, so it's crucial for the SOILL Community to participate and make their voices heard.

By working together, the European Commission and the SOILL Community can co-create a robust work programme for Mission Soil, ensuring the health of our vital soil resources for generations to come.


Learn more on the European Commission website.

Feedback opportunity for Horizon Europe work programme 2025